Working method

No-nonsense, advisory and result-oriented

First consultation is free of charge

Every cooperation with Françoise Carlier starts with a free introductory meeting, either on the phone or face-to-face. During this meeting, your activities related to intellectual property will be discussed, both from the legal and financial point of view.

Based on this introduction, we can

  • Define the needs and opportunities for a collaboration;
  • Detect potential risks regarding intellectual property rights;
  • Check how we can cover those risks;
  • Evaluate how to optimise your operations through negotiations with your main partners (employees, consultants, customers, suppliers …)

We’ll focus more specifically on the precise creative process in the company, the way this is protected, and its value determined towards third parties exploiting the intellectual property rights involved.

  • Your external ‘legal and business affairs manager ‘

    Once a cooperation starts, Françoise Carlier will act as a ‘legal and business affairs manager’, assisting you in the management of your strategic thought processes.

    A smooth but thorough communication, aiming at a swift no-nonsense reply to your questions, is essential. Françoise Carlier will issue a straightforward legal opinion, understandable by all concerned and avoiding unwanted back-office workload as much as possible.

    Through her extensive experience Françoise Carlier has the necessary background enabling her to estimate quite accurately the position in the market of a creative mind or company , fine-tuning her legal opinion accordingly. Maintaining a sound balance between parties during negotiations remains an important focus, leading to a win-win situation for all.

  • Billing method

    Billing is usually done through an hourly rate, agreed upon initially with you, including a pro-rata calculation for costs (transportation costs, office charges, phone costs…).

    Sometimes an all-in flat fee can be discussed, informing you beforehand if an agreed upon ceiling is reached.

    Invoicing, time-sheet based, is done on a regular basis and balance between costs and added value for the client prevails.

    Fees are subject to 21% V.A.T charge.