Software development, gaming and ICT-services

Software-development, gaming-platforms, ICT-consultancy. Commissioning parties and suppliers of these type of services should take a series of rights and obligations into consideration, even in case of in house development.Françoise Carlier provides guidance for:

  • The identification of rights and obligations incumbent to you with such activities;
  • A clear delimitation of your responsibility and that of your contractor;
  • Dealing your transfer or license of rights to your client when working free-lance;
  • A review of licences and/or general conditions of an ICT service provider for integration of new software in a company
  • Contracting for the development of an online application with external partners, or for open source and other software of third parties used to develop a new application, a website or webshop.

Françoise Carlier counsels in a clear and understandable language about the possibilities and translates this in legally sound texts.