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A legal strategy and sound contracts for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property

Whoever uses an original creation, needs the authorisation of the author of this creation. Both parties negotiate who, what, when, where and at which cost this creation can be used.

Contracts will allow you to put in writing the conditions under which products or services upon which intellectual property rights rest may be used, altered, duplicated and communicated.

Françoise Carlier :

  • Provides counselling on the best protection;
  • Develops a feasible strategy enabling all parties to receive added value for all parties;
  • Takes stock of risks and opportunities involved;
  • Develops necessary contracts or correspondence related to the above;
  • Assists you in negotiations, both nationally and abroad.
  • Financing of productions through Belgian Tax Shelter

    • What are the constraints involved in financing a production through the Belgian Tax Shelter regime?
    • What are the requirements enabling you to finance a production through Belgian Tax Shelter?
    • Do you know the tricky issues when negotiating co-production agreements as minority or majority co-producer?

    Françoise Carlier accompanies you from A to Z with clarity and implements your decisions in legal practise.

  • Advice relating to collective management of intellectual property rights

    Sabam, Playright, SACD, SOFAM, BAVP … these are only a few collective rights societies defending the rights of authors, artists and producers. They also collect compensations to be paid by the users of such creations and pay them to their members.

    • Is adhering to a collective rights society useful for you?
    • What are the consequences?
    • How do you manage the requirements of your client, the broadcaster, the telecom operator or the producer and those of the above-mentioned collective rights societies?
    • How do you negotiate legally sound agreements as user of such a repertoire?

    Attorney at law Françoise Carlier was active as board member in some collective rights societies and understands the needs of various players in the market. She enables debate to develop pragmatic solutions.