Websites and web shops without legal mishaps

There are more rules related to your website or web shop than you might think. Alongside the growth of our digital society, global vigilance by government authorities increases, usually because of complaints by third parties or because of legislation recently put in place.

Use Françoise Carlier to provide you with a 360° analysis or specific advice.

  • Creations by third parties and photographs of individuals – regulations

    You may not be aware of it, but texts or reproductions of images of others on your site require certain authorisations.

    • Did they allow you to use their picture? Even your employees?
    • When is the use of a photograph considered an infringement of the personality rights, the right to privacy or copyright?
    • Are you the owner of the texts and designs on your website, are you authorised to adapt them or have them adapted?
    • Did your web designer or anyone involved in the development of your website take the above into consideration?

    The answer to each of these questions is important. If you are not totally sure of the answers, chances are real that the brand identity of your website is not fully under your control.

  • New and more stringent data protection-rules, duty to inform the website visitor

    The new European data protection regulation, also known as GDPR, is applicable in Belgium starting from May 2018. What legal obligations do you have?

    • Is all the compulsory information about yourself and your business available to the website visitor?
    • What is your responsibility as user or processor of personal data or sensitive information of individuals for marketing purposes or to conduct your daily business?
    • How can you align your internal privacy policy, the cookie disclaimer, your general purchase – and sales conditions and agreements with suppliers and customers to be ‘GDPR compliant’ and to cover your risks as well as possible?
    • Is the ordering process and the right to revoke a purchase on your web shop arranged as it should be?

    Avoid problems by tackling this from the start.