For whom

For everybody active in a creative context

Françoise Carlier develops feasible solutions for

  • Entrepreneurs using creative work of third parties
  • Authors and performing artists
  • Designers
  • Software and game-developers
  • Lawyers and attorneys at law needing expertise in intellectual property rights
    • For freelancers with a creative assignment

      As an individual you need not be in a weaker position when aiming to protect the value of your original creation and start marketing it.

      You are a free lance photographer, a  choreographer, product designer, graphic designer, a software or game developer, screen writer or music composer,…

      • How do you avoid abuse of your intellectual property rights, risk of plagiarism or pirating?
      • Is your name or logo becoming a brand? What are the consequences of this choice?
      • How do you protect the intellectual property of a creation or brand?
      • Do you keep this IP and exploit it yourself or do you license it?
      • How do you define or limit your responsibility in case of errors?

      A balanced approach and follow up allows you to concentrate on what you like most, creation.

      Make use of Françoise Carlier’s skills  for:

    • For companies that use creative work of others

      Collaboration with various parties is a daily matter in the creative industry.

      Your own original creations or those of your team are your core business?

      Creation and exploitation are seldom all in one hand. Bad decisions or agreements on terms of use will lead to conflicts. This undermines the value of your intellectual rights portfolio.

      • A website, advertising spot, logo, software, … How do you as a company use copyrighted work by third parties, performances by artists, software developed by employees or freelancers?
      •  How do you avoid putting your production at risk because of  infringements of intellectual property rights by your supplier?
      • How do you describe and limit your responsibility in contracts in case of errors or problems?
      • How do you develop a balanced revenue model, what do you agree with regard to revenue sharing of exploitations based upon intellectual property rights?
      • Is your portfolio of intellectual property transparent and coherent in view of a merger or acquisition process?

      Françoise Carlier helps you define a clear view from the start …

      … thus creating maximum added value with a minimum of problems through a well-defined strategy , legally sound agreements regarding copyright or intellectual property. Agreements where she’ll also consider commercial law, employment law, trademarks….

      Contact Françoise Carlier at every step of the development and exploitation of your investments in intellectual property.

      Know more about what Françoise Carlier can mean for you? Look at some examples.

    • For Audio-Visual and live entertainment producers

      As audio-visual or live entertainment producer, producer of games, you collaborate with authors, composers, performing artists, all contributing to a finished production.

      The Belgian copyright legislation is complex. Certainly for co-productions between many partners, nationally or internationally,  in entertainment programs, fiction, animation- and live-action projects.

      • Agreements made need to be in conformity with directives issued by external financing partners.
      • How do you define the calculation basis for royalties?
      • What to do when cooperation stops or suddenly turns sour?
      • How do you protect the chain of copyright title in view of worldwide exploitation of the production?
      • How do you translate this in clear co-production or other contracts, also considering the strict Belgian tax shelter rules?
      • What are points of attention, risks and opportunities concerning collective rights management?

      Ask Françoise Carlier to help you both with the analysis, legal opinion and implementation in your operational activity.