Fashion and Design

Your passion is the creation of the ultimate new look in objects, furniture, fabrics or clothing and the like.

But this involves a lot more than only this first design. You want to keep control of the full production process, including the promotion and distribution. You want to avoid a fraudulent use of your creative talent by somebody involved in the process.

Attorney at law Françoise Carlier helps you to

  • Find answers for your legal questions
  • Make choices along the manufacturing, supply and distribution chain
  • Negotiate in order to achieve your goals in a commercially and socially sound manner.
  • Protection of your designs and work processes

    • How do you, as a freelance designer, avoid having someone systematically using your creativity for his own benefit without rewarding you for it?
    • What are the contents of a legally binding confidentiality agreement to be signed between all parties involved in the creation- and production process.
    • How do you protect your innovative know how?
    • What are the agreements you should make with your employees or freelancers?

    Attorney at Law Françoise Carlier can help you check if you have taken all legal actions required or suggest corrective measures if you haven’t.

  • From product design to licensee or manufacturer

    You appoint a third party to produce your design. Or you want to improve sales possibilities through other channels with a larger sales network.

    • How do you make correct and complete agreements with an agent?
    • What should be negotiated on in a licensing agreement?
    • What should certainly be addressed in a distribution contract?

    Françoise Carlier will be happy to discuss this with you openly and will help you negotiate your contracts in Dutch, French or English.